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Fungi Lab

Will you be sitting on a stool made out of fungus in the future? Look further than your molded sandwich and discover the intriguing world of fungi.

Over the past 100 years, more than 100.000 fungi have been collected. However, this is only the tip of the iceberg, since there are supposedly many more. 

The Future of Fungi
Come to the Fungi Lab and take a look in the wonderful world of fungi. Look at them from up close and discover that their true beauty comes from within. Fungi are solid but at the same time very flexible. Learn all about modern fungi research and how they can replace plastic in the future. 

Fungi Race
In the Fungi Lab you will encounter world's first fungi race. Every six weeks, new sets of fast-growing fungi battle against each other in the 'racetubes'. In all 'racetubes' a layer of sugar enables the fungi to grow even faster. However, only one can be the fastest! 

Fungi Formations
A few fungi species that Johanna Westerdijk added to the collection in the past, have been grown especially for the Fungi Lab. Are you curious how fungus grows? In this exhibition you can form your own fungus!

Johanna Westerdijk
The Fungi Lab celebrates the scientific discoveries of fungi. Scientist Johanna Westerdijk, the first female professor in the Netherlands, is highlighted in this exhibition. Westerdijk investigated plantdiseases and fungus and was in charge of the fungicollection of the Central Bureau for Fungi Cultures (CBS-KNAW), which is now called the Westerdijk Institute. The Westerdijk Institute manages approximately 100.000 fungi, which makes it the biggest fungi storage in the world!