Down to the bone Down to the bone

Down to the bone

At first sight, humans look very different than sharks, crocodiles or horses. But in what way are humans and animals similar? Discover the similarities and differences in Down to the bone.

Nine-meter high skeleton tower
The highlight of the exhibition is a nine meter high tower which displays a large collection of skeletons. 

Surprising similarities between a child and an elephant-nose fish
In the exhibition there is a lot to discover about bones, skins, vertebrae, fins, hearts, intestines, antlers and many other body parts. Did you know that there is a striking resemblance between a child and an elephant-nose fish?

Using college records, anatomical teaching models, instruments and documentaries you can discover all the similarities and differences between humans and animals in the exhibition Down to the bone.

A bird swallowing a teaspoon
Uniquely, the University Museum can show that humans and animals often get the same type of diseases. Human teeth wear, but we see similar dental problems with dogs, horses and even tigers. Sometimes a child swallows something, but who would expect a bird to swallow a whole teaspoon?

Start discovering: pet a shark and listen to a kangaroo's heart
At Down to the bone you can experience research yourself; listen to a human heart, touch the skin of an elephant, take a look inside an operating theatre where a dog is being treated for a hernia or take a look at your blood vessels. Pet a shark and you will notice that there is more than meets the eye..