Cabinet of curiosities Cabinet of curiosities

Cabinet of curiosities

In the cabinet of curiosities you will find all sorts of unusual objects, for example a little dragon or the cast of a giant moose's antlers.

Upon entering, you immediately see the skeleton cast of the pareiasaurus: a herbivore that lived 265 million years ago in South Africa. The skeleton of a hippo also draws the attention. In the cupboards and cabinets you will find mounted exotic birds, like a bird of paradise and an ibis. All these stuffed animals, skeletons, fish, molluscs, rocks, minerals and fossils put on display, make a fine example of an old collection of 'curiosities'.

Rare collection
'Cabinet of curiosities' exists of a rare collection displayed in cabinets. Since ancient times wealthy people collected the most unusual objects. The Cabinet of Curiosities in the Universiteitsmuseum is build after an eightteenth century model. The special wooden Marot-cabinets in which the curiosities are shown, were built in the nineteenth century and create an authentic atmosphere in the exhibition area.