Discover and explore your inner scientist at the University Museum Utrecht. Interesting and odd objects such as stuffed animals, skeletons and a particle accelerator paint a picture of science and education at the Utrecht University. The museum garden de Oude Hortus is a wonderful green area in the middle of the city. Every season shows a different scenery. You will find many exotic trees and flowers like the Ginkgo biloba and the Victoria Longwood.

Down to the bone Down to the bone At first sight, humans look very different than sharks, crocodiles or horses. But in what way are humans and animals similar and where do they differ? Discover this in the family exhibition… More .. Down to the bone Youth Lab Youth Lab Hang your coat on one of the tongues and roll up your sleeves. More .. Youth Lab Cabinet of curiosities Cabinet of curiosities In the cabinet of curiosities you will find all sorts of unusual objects, for example a little dragon or the cast of a giant moose's antlers. More .. Cabinet of curiosities Bleuland Cabinet Bleuland Cabinet Quiver with horror in the Bleuland Cabinet: the extensive collection of skeletons, organs, fetuses and body parts in formaldehyde is not something you see everyday! More .. Bleuland Cabinet Discover your inner scientist! Discover your inner scientist! The Knowledge Lab is the place to discover what science really is about. Get to know the scientific work field and your inner scientist! More .. Knowledge Lab Particle Accelerator Particle Accelerator Always wanted to see a particle accelerator in real life? That is possible at the University Museum Utrecht! It is one of the heaviest and largest objects in our collection. More .. Particle Accelerator The Oude Hortus The Oude Hortus In the middle of the busy centre of Utrecht lies a unique garden: the Oude Hortus. More .. The Oude Hortus - Botanical Garden